KSMHoF Nominations

The nominee must have lived in the state of Kansas or the greater KC metro area while performing 20 or more years ago and substantially contributed to the music scene either locally or statewide. Just being born in the state or the KC metro area does not constitute a possible nomination. A good example of this is Joe Walsh, who was born in Wichita, KS., but did not play guitar until he had moved from the state of Kansas. Although the KMHoF would love to have Joe Walsh as an inductee, he does not qualify as living and performing in the state or the KC metro area at the same time. Also, we do not accept someone who lives across the border in a neighboring state like Oklahoma but played regularly in the state of Kansas. There have been examples of players in specific bands who have lived across the border in another state yet played in a Kansas band who have been inducted, and that would be because the nucleus of the band, or the home base of the band itself, was in the state of Kansas. Finally, it is perfectly acceptable for the performer or band to have moved out of state at a later date to continue their career as long as their roots at one time or another were established here.

Please include the following information:
Your name, your email address and your phone number.
Name of the nominee, two paragraph biography, any pictures of the nominee, contact information, and any links to social media, and links to any discography.
Is the nominee able to perform at the Induction Ceremony?

Email your nomination to ksmhof@gmail.com with the subject line “Nomination.”

Thank you for your submission.