Nomination and Induction Process


Kansas Music Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

The nominee must have lived in the state of Kansas or the greater KC metro area while performing 20 or more years ago and substantially contributed to the music scene either locally or statewide. Just being born in the state or the KC metro area does not constitute a possible nomination. A good example of this is Joe Walsh, who was born in Wichita, KS., but did not play guitar until he had moved from the state of Kansas. Although the KSMHoF would love to have Joe Walsh as an inductee, he does not qualify as living and performing in the state or the KC metro area at the same time. Also, we do not accept someone who lives across the border in a neighboring state like Oklahoma but played regularly in the state of Kansas. There have been examples of players in specific  bands who have lived across the border in another state yet played in a Kansas band who have been inducted, and that would be because the nucleus of the band, or the home base of the band itself, was in the state of Kansas. Finally, it is perfectly acceptable for the performer or band to have moved out of state at a later date to continue their career as long as their roots at one time or another were established here.

To Submit Nomination

Go to Select the Information menu and then the KSMHoF Nominations link. Read the information required and submit (preferably) a Word doc with the information. Once your nomination is submitted, we will compile a list of potential nominees. After October 1st, nominations are closed and the KSMHoF board of directors will choose nominee candidates. These nominees will be voted on by members and past inductees and considered for induction by the board. The ballot will be released to all paid-up members and inductees by first week of July. Voting will proceed through the summer until the first Saturday in December. The induction ceremony is first Saturday of May. Performing is not mandatory in order to become an inductee. As a matter of fact, there are many inducted who either can’t perform due to loss of members or will not perform due to other reasons.


Becoming a member of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame increases the odds even further for possible nomination.  In the past, we have seen some musicians inducted without ever being a nominee. This happened because the act campaigned and unified their family, friends, and fans to become members and exercise the “WRITE-IN VOTE” when voting. Yes, we allow our members to vote and to have a say in who actually is awarded induction into the KSMHoF. All paid up members and past inductees have the right to vote in each year’s elections and the voters will dictate the outcome, so if you have the right number of voters on your side, the results might affect the outcome. We use the “WRITE-IN VOTE” as a tool each year to see who will advance  to the next year’s nominee list, as each year those who are inducted will fall off the nominee list. So with enough backing and campaigning, one could either land an induction or an advance to the following year’s nominee list. We accept memberships all throughout the year, so take the time to round up your masses to support the person or band you want to go on to the next level and move toward induction. Remember, it takes votes to actually become an inductee. If a nominee is truly someone who is deserving and qualified for induction, there will be ample support for them. Please visit our website at to become a member. It is only $25.00, we have multiple payment gateways. Or send a check to: Kansas Music Hall of Fame, Inc., P.O. Box 189, Beloit,  KS 67420. If you have questions email ksmhof@gmail or call Dano at 785-569-1328


Kansas Music Hall of Fame is one of the few state music halls of fame that allow the members to vote. To vote go to You MUST become a member to vote. After you have joined our membership an electronic ballot will be sent to your email address.  Each year on July 1st, before the upcoming induction year, our voting cycle begins. Previous inductees and members in good standing are notified by submitted email address. Go to and sign up as a member or partnership. You may vote for a total of up to ten potential nominees, or as few as one. They may be chosen from the ballot provided. You may “write in” up to three others. After you have become a member, you will be sent an easy fill electronic ballot. Voting deadline is the first Saturday of  December. Please  If you received  a Word ballot email it  to or mail them to Kansas Music Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 189, Beloit, KS 67420.

Directors’ Awards

From time to time, the board will issue a DIRECTORS’ AWARD, which is voted on by the board only. Two of these that occur every year are THE BILL LEE AWARD and THE BOB HAPGOOD AWARD:

THE BILL LEE AWARD was established to recognize potential inductees currently active and deemed worthy by the KSMHoF board for early induction, especially those with a significant national/international profile. Standard rules for potential KSMHoF inductees include having started their careers in the field of music at least 20 years ago. The Bill Lee Award allows for possible exception by the board of that 20-year ruling.

THE BOB HAPGOOD AWARD was established in 2008 after his death. Bob was an active and valuable board member in the beginning years of the KSMHoF and a 2006 inductee with his legendary band King Midas & The Muflers. Bob was also a longtime radio deejay where he lived in McPherson, KS. Each year, this award is given to a deserving venue owner, radio deejay, booking agent, music store owner, music teacher, important musician or musical act from a less populated area of the state that might not otherwise be recognized by the voting membership at large.